Customized & Practical Solutions for Today’s Environmental Problems

ECOTERRA provides a broad range of consulting and project management services to solve complex environmental problems.


ECOTERRA’s environmental expertise coupled with in-depth knowledge of waste management industry could make a positive and significant impact on your soil remediation project.


ECOTERRA applies sophisticated scientific, technical, and managerial resources to develop and implement effective, efficient, sustainable solutions. Our strong history with major Superfund, RCRA, and other regulatory-driven projects is now being applied to some of the most complex Brownfield redevelopment projects in NY/NJ Metro area. We have always believed in working closely and cooperatively with our customers, so that they could perform profitably and win future projects. In this spirit, we feel we can use our knowledge of the industry to offer innovative ways to manage these materials.  Our diverse set of capabilities provides our customers with the ability to take a project from start to completion with just one call.
Our services encompass all aspects of environmental consulting & waste management services including site investigation, risk assessments, remedial action work plans, remedial action permits, characterization, analytical review, facility selection, regulatory approvals, transportation and disposal, and on-site logistics.


ECOTERRA is committed to being a true full-service environmental consulting & waste management services company. From start to finish, we can help you manage your soil remediation/disposal project in a manner that will save money, by increasing project efficiency through organization and innovation.


As we strive to continually deal with the waste management problems of a modern society, we do so with the understanding that our business is truly about improving quality of life. The services we offer accomplish that we are different than others in the industry in several ways:
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I need to submit Excavated Material Handling Plan (EMDP) as part of the project submittals. Can ECOTERRA prepare EMDP for us?

Yes. Read More

We have been selected as foundation contractor for the project in NYC. We are responsible for characterization, and transportation & disposal of excavated material. Does ECOTERRA provide Waste Characterization, and T&D Services?

ECOTERRA's core business is handling excavated soil at urban construction projects in New York/ New Jersey Metropolitan area. We offer a full range of services necessary to handle these projects including transportation, disposal and/or reuse, analysis and certification.

Our experienced technical staff is fully versed in waste classification and the capabilities

We are a private developer in NJ. We are developing mixed-use residential building at former commercial property. Does ECOTERRA provide LSRP services?

Yes. Read More

We are bidding the private job which includes contaminated soil disposal. Contract documents include some investigation reports. Not much information is available about soil contaminations. Which disposal facility options we should consider based on limited information provided in bid package?

As in every case, bid details cause contractors to win or lose. At ECOTERRA, we realize that bid specifications do not always clarify the exact wastes in question, and we can assist with making that determination. Here are some of the factors we consider when reinforcing a competitive bid:
  • Site history, location and volume of Waste
  • Categories of Waste
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We need Backfill material at our project site. Does EcoTerra supply fill material?

Yes. Read More for more details.

How can I cover the sample frequency & analysis requirement of multiple facilities?

ECOTERRA has developed Hybrid Sampling Protocol with sampling frequency, descriptions, collection and analysis methodology guidance; which can cover multiple facility requirements. Please contact us for more details.

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