20 Story Condominium Tower

ECOTERRA’s Services:

20 Story Condominium Tower
Mixed-use Retail/Residential Tower
21St Street, New York, NY
Management of 7,800 + Tons of Contaminated Soils
Transporation & Disposal, Disposal Facility Selections, and Waste  Characterization Consulting


Assisted in development of Waste Characterization sampling plan to isolate the PCE “Hot Spot”.

Developed Hybrid Sample Collection & Analysis chart good for Subtitle-D Landfill and recycling/beneficial reuse facility.

Provided sampling oversight and guidance.

Established horizontal and vertical delineation, Isolated contamination that was a key factor to save money.

Lightly PCE Impacted soils were beneficially reused as “alternative daily cover” at Subtitle-D Landfill;
rather than disposing as Solid Waste. Huge savings for customer. Zero waste to Landfills.

Other contaminated fill material was recycled/beneficially used to maximize the savings for customer.

Assisted with all waste profiles; secured facility approvals.

Provided onsite personnel to manage the daily waste management.

7,800+ Tons Beneficially Reused
Huge savings to the customer by minimizing the PCE impacted soils volume
No load rejections; no surcharges;
Easy facility approvals; no additional analysis requirements

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