About Us

A soil remediation company

ECOTERRA is a NJSBE/MBE certified privately owned organization, setup with a vision to assist business owners in understanding environmental regulations and potential remediation costs when developing, purchasing, leasing or financing commercial, industrial and other types of properties.

Our Mission is to being a true full-service environmental consulting & waste management services company by

  • combining environmental expertise with in-depth knowledge of Solid Waste Management industry;
  • providing innovative, responsible, turnkey, liability free services;
  • creating sustainability-based decisions;
  • being environmental stewards; and
  • meeting regulatory requirements.

With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, our professional staff with more than three decades of environmental investigation and clean-up experience, makes a priority of helping our customers manage these materials in a cost-effective and responsible manner. ECOTERRA has the necessary combination of environmental understanding and business management skills to ensure our clientele receive cost effective environmental and waste management services.

ECOTERRA specializes in soil management, contaminated site characterization and cleanup, and evaluations of various hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials. ECOTERRA’s expertise is in applying risk-based criteria to soil management, complete site characterization and cleanup for designing cost effective solutions in handling non-hazardous and hazardous material for complex sites.

ECOTERRA provides this services throughout North-East Region to Developers, Contractors, Environmental Consultants, State/Federal Agencies, Public and Private entities on cases involving both RCRA-Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Soils, Dredged Sediments, and other environmentally regulated Waste Materials.

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