Reconstruction of Combined Sewer System

ECOTERRA’s Services:

Reconstruction of Combined Sewer System
State/City Agency Funded Infrastructure Improvement Project
Paterson, New Jersey
Management of 11,000 + Tons of Contaminated Soils
Transporation & Disposal, Disposal Facility Selections, and Waste Characterization Consulting


“Provided sampling oversight and guidance.”

Identified/Delineated former UST area; minimizing soils being handled as petroleum contaminated

Utilized multiple disposal facilities as per waste characterization results, soil matrix to maximize the savings for customer

Assisted with all waste profiles; secured facility approvals

Provided onsite personnel to manage the daily waste management

Managed upto 60 truck loads a day

Staggered trucking schedule was implemented to minimize the traffic impact


11,000+ Tons Beneficially Reused
Huge savings to the customer by minimizing the Petroleum impacted soils volume
No load rejections; no surcharges;
Easy facility approvals; no additional analysis requirements
ECOTERRA’s MBE status helped customer meet set-aside goal for this project

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