Material Supply

Creating Best from Waste



ECOTERRA very early recognized the opportunity and value in reusing the material that it hauls from jobsites. We currently supply variety of clean, certified construction materials throughout our service area.

Our materials include the following:

  • Crushed Stone Recycled Aggregate
  • Topsoil and Mulch

There are multiple products within each of these categories of materials. For example, rock crushing plant produces the following crushed stone products:

  • 1-1/2” Stone
  • ¾” Stone
  • 3/8” Stone
  • Stone Dust
  • DGA

All materials offered for sale meet prevailing specifications for their proper use. The crushed stone and recycled aggregate meet NJDOT specs and are certified clean. The topsoil and mulch are tested clean and their organic content is monitored to certify that it is with US Compost Council recommended ranges. ECOTERRA is able to offer its quality construction materials at below market prices because they are produced from recycled materials (When you don’t have to quarry the rock, you can sell it for less!)

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