Application of Engineering to the waste management industry



As we strive to continually deal with the waste management problems of a modern society, we do so with the understanding that our business is truly about improving quality of life. The services we offer accomplish that we are different than others in the industry in several ways:

First, we are a pool of highly qualified experienced engineers, consultants, project managers and waste approvals managers. Our environmental expertise coupled with in-depth knowledge of Solid Waste Management industry could help you manage your soil disposal project in a manner that will save money, by increasing project efficiency through organization and innovation.

Second, we have working experience in both positions; environmental consulting side and waste management (facility) side. We know what it takes to get soil disposal project completed. Our diverse set of capabilities provides our customers with the ability to take a project from start to completion with just one call.

Third, we are a minority owned privately held independent organization. Our solutions are tailored to fulfil the customer needs. Our motto is to “do it right first time”. We consider all the possibilities when we scope out the project. This approach eliminates all potential surprises keeping project under budget and schedule.

It is thru this commitment to provide unmatched solutions that ECOTERRA was founded. It is a core component of corporate values and will continue to be the foundation for our future.

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